Orphan Brand Archetype
Orphan and Every Guy, Every Gal Brand Archetype

Orphan   -   Communitarian  -   Everyguy/Everygal

by Eileen Burns - Soul Purpose Coach, Healer and Spiritual Marketer

The Orphan Brand Archetype is the most community and equality based
 business brand.

The Orphan/Everyguy/Everygal Business Brand focuses on community, justice and equality.

 This as a business has the ability to make everyone feel accepted and welcome. 

It represents the energy of the guy or gal next door, 
the family member and family unit with family values,
 the community or team player. 

The orphan brand is widely used by family brands like Asda and Walmart, 
 representing affordability and practicality. 

So it is vital for the Orphan Brand to be affordable, welcoming and empathetic,
 in its business and marketing.

It is important not to appear aloof or too exclusive,
 that is why many spiritual orphan brands offer services like support groups, 
meet up events and memberships.

Make sure that your imagery emanates a feeling of empathy,
community connection, 
belonging and being part of the tribe. 

This will help your audience to feel more connected to your key core values. 

It is a great brand for any products or services  aimed at the whole family, 
regardless of age or sex...

 As this brand is often created or led by someone with a strong orphan archetype, 
it is important that any orphan wounding  such as cynicism or a victim mentality, 
doesn’t permeate through to their business and marketing. 

 This is not the ideal brand for high end or exclusive coaching programs. 

It is, however, the best brand for the down-to-earth more practical business,
 that believes we do better when we work together. 

Ready to stand out from the crowd, 
   attract more soul clients in a more deeper way?

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Orphan Brand Archetype
in a more deeply empathic and welcoming way?