Ready To Attract Soul Clients?
By Creating A Soul-Aligned
Spiritual Business?

 and market in a more spiritual and authentic way


STOP struggling to  grow and market
your spiritual business.

STOP hoping, praying that something
 you try,  will start attracting
more clients.

STOP guessing how to market
your spiritual business. effectively.

The Spiritual Marketing Club is for YOU 
the fully commited to spiritual business owner.

Who genuinely wants to create a business aligned
 with their life and soul purpose

But who NEED help in learning more
spiritual business and spiritual marketing skills,
to nurture and grow into a powerfully
successful authentic and ethical business.

Start learning how to build and grow
your spiritual business in a
more effective soul-aligned way.  

Start learning how to attract
 and nurture the soul clients
you are most aligned with.

Create a successful spiritual business
aligned with your life and soul purpose.

Learn How To Create A Spiritual Business Aligned
With Your Life And Soul Purpose

Get full access to a library of  of spiritual business and
spiritual marketing tools, strategies and techniques.

From a wide range of our spiritual marketing and
business programs and masterclasses.

From not just a spiritual marketer and spiritual business coach,
but a healer whohas been studying healing,
coaching and therapy for the last 30 years.

Amazing courses bundles together into different levels of
 membership to help you create, build and nurture
a successful soul-algned spiritual business.

In a low cost and easily accessible way.

I want to save you the time, energy and money,
 I spent trying and testing all sorts of
business and marketing strategies.

Investing in all sorts of business and marketing coaches
 and mentors who were selling hype,
than actual reality.

Spiritual Marketing Club Membership

The Spiritual Marketing Club Membership
 membership is for YOU the highly dedicated healer, spiritual coach 
or conscious creator who wants to build and market their business
in a more authentic and spiritual way.

This membership is **NOT for social media marketing managers,  
VA's or spiritual business coaches.
OOr for t
This membership is not for the faint-hearted but for 
the BIG hearted spiritual business owner who's main focus
is making a difference to the world in a more spiritual way/

*Depending on what level of membership you choose you get access to 
between £600 and over £1200 worth of content which can include

❤  Spiritual Business Advice
❤  Your Life and Soul Purpose
❤  How To Be Authentically You
❤  Spiritual Marketing
❤  Ideal Clients and Soul Clients
❤  Branding and Marketing
❤  Colour and Visuals In Your Marketing
❤  How To Create A Marketing Plan
❤  Social Media Marketing
❤  Facebook Marketing
❤  Blogging For Spiritual Entrepreneurs
❤  Client Attraction
❤  Guided Meditations

❤  Archetypes In Business

**Gold and Platinum Members get access to our a 
Monthly Business Or Marketing Masterclass

***Platinum Mmebers get access to our Lightworkers Toolkit
 and Monthly Lightworkers Circle

Instant Access to over £1000 content***

worth of Spiritual Business and Spiritual Marketing Courses 
in our platinum membership

Lightworkers Toolkit*
Love - Light - Soul

*Full monthly access to Eileen's
Lightworkers ToolKit  +
Monthly Lightworkers Circle included in
 the Platinum Spiritual Marketing Membership

Eileen Burns *

Soul Purpose Coach, Stress Management Expert and Healer 

Eileen is a highly dedicated and experienced healer, coach,
teacher and spiritual business mentor. She has been
studying in the holistic and spiritual field for 30 years.

A highly experienced spiritual coach and spiritual marketing,
and mentor who loves helping empaths, healers and intutives
unlock and shine  their soul gifts and super powers. Who has been using online marketing and dig.ital marketing for over 20 years

Level 1 silver
business & marketing library


Per month

  • Spiritual Marketing Club Library
  • Access to over 12 courses
  • 24/7 Access To Content
  • Special Discount Offers
  • Weekly Q & A

level 2 gold


Per month

  • Spiritual Marketing Club Library
  • Silver Membership 
  • Weekly Q & A
  • Monthly Masterclass
  • 24/7 Access to Self-Study Content
  • Special Discount Offers

level 3 platiunum
Business, MARKETING 


Per month

  • Spiritual Marketing Club Membership
  • Gold Membership 
  • Monthly Live Master Class
  • Lightworkers Toolkit
  • Monthly Lightworkers Circle
  • Monthly Healing Session
  • Bonus 1-2-1 session if pay yearly
  • 24/7 Access to Self-Study Content
  • Special Discount Offers