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        This lady is amazing! Both Eileen and The Spiritual Marketing club have been a huge support and an effective resource in helping me to set up and establish my small online business... The units about creating lead magnets and social media marketing have been invaluable in helping me to grow my social media following and increase sales... Eileen has kept me on my toes and nudged me out of my comfort zone but at the same time, she is always so supportive. Highly recommended.

         Claire Lavin Rice


        I have been blown away by all that signing up has given me…I have also had the benefit of having a one to one session with Eileen. I have to say it was as deep and profound as I had hope. The personalized support, content and homework you get is outstanding. It was definitely worth the investment and something i will invest again, once I’ve grown and learnt all i can from the monthly learning and community package.Her mediation alone is work signing up for. Not just is her voice beautiful to listen to but she takes you places no other mediation does. Her work it authentic and passion filled.

        L Toher