Spiritual Alchemist Brand Masterclass

Attract Soul Clients by Unlocking Your Spiritual Alchemist Brand

Spiritual Healers, Coaches and Therapists

What if you could attract "Soul Clients"
in a more powerful yet authentic way?

"Stand out in the crowd" in the online world
By helping your audience see you, hear you, 
feel you as the Spiritual Alchemist that you are?

Start Creating A Soul Client Brand!

By building an exciting and authentic brand
around you and business's soul essence

Spiritual Alchemist Brand Masterclass

What you will learn

understand the SPIRITUAL alchemist brand

Learn about the energy,  super powers and core values of the spiritual alchemist - magician brand


Access to over 50 spiritual explorer brand words that can be used in your copy, branding, marketing

SPIRITUAL alchemist BRAND colours & textures

Learn more about choosing the right colours and textures for the spiritual alchemist brand archetype

SPIRITUAL alchemist BRAND images & themes

Learn more about choosing the right images and themes for the spiritual alchemist brand archetype

Unlock The Keys To Your
Soul Brand TODAY!

Course Summary

In this masterclass program I will be helping you unlock how to attract soul clients through the spiritual alchemist brand archetype. Introducing you how to create an effective soul-aligned spiritual brand around you, your purpose and your business's greatest strengths.

Course Curriculum

Eileen Burns 

Soul Purpose Coach, Stress Management Expert and Healer 

Eileen is a highly dedicated and experienced healer,
coach, teacher and spiritual business mentor.
She has been studying in the holistic and spiritual field
 for over 30 years.

I LOVE helping healers and spiritual entrepreneurs build
 a business around their life anf soul purpose

Course Pricing