Innocent Brand Archetype
Purist Brand Archetype

Innocent    -   Dreamer   -    Idealist   -   Purist 

by Eileen Burns - Soul Purpose Coach, Healer and Spiritual Marketer

The Innocent Brand Archetype is the most purist
 business brand through simplicity can make the most powerful impact.

Innocent Business Brand aka Dreamer, Idealist, Purist

The Innocent business brand is based  around simplicity and purity but don’t let that innocence fool you!!.    

Behind the innocent brand, is often an old wise soul,
 who can see past the fluff.

Cut through the superficial aspects and unnecessary over complications of both the modern world and spiritual teachings.

  The innocent brand lights up the room with an energy of childlike awe, wonder, hope and optimism. 

Behind the innocent, is usually a very high vibrational, light-hearted soul.

   Of all the spiritual business archetypes, 
the innocent has the power to really shine the purest aspect of god,
 the light and the divine.   

The innocent brand is all about keeping things simple, 
so minimalism, zen type themes with a lot of open space,
or imagery of childlike wonder work well at conveying the purity and power of your work.   

 The innocent business will naturally avoid anything that looks busy,
 over complicated, cluttered or disorganised.  

  It is important that the innocent brand cuts its way through the chaos and confusion. 

Ready to stand out from the crowd,  
attract more soul clients,
 in a more pure and authentic way?  

Ready to learn how to market the soul essence of your
Innocent Brand Archetype
in the most purist possible way.