Alchemist Brand Archetype
Magician Brand Archetype

Alchemist  -  Magician - Mystic  -  Shaman

by Eileen Burns - Soul Purpose Coach, Healer and Spiritual Marketer

The Alchemist Brand is one of the most popular business brands
 by healers, psychics and intuitives.

The Alchemist aka Magician Brand Archetype is based on the 
collective energy of magic, miracles and transformation.

 Of all the archetypes, the Alchemist Brand has the greatest power 
to make their marketing feel and look magical and transformative. 

As your business is the catalyst for that transformation. 

The strong Alchemist Brand is able to use in their marketing6,
 unconscious themes of magic, 
miracles and mysticism, 
something that most other brand archetypes struggle to pull off.

 The spiritual alchemist brand helps move their clients and customers
out of the darkness into the light.

The alchemist brand's biggest strengths are around inspiring hope,
 and providing transformative skills and tools that are a catalyst for change.

The alchemist audience are often intrigued with mysticism,
and LOVE being mesmerised by the wonder and awe of magic and 
miracles and mysticism.

But equally the Alchemist Brand's shadow trait is being viewed as the quack, 
the illusionist, a business that makes promises it cannot deliver.

Especially as the shadow traits of the alchemist is associated with the magical
 illusion, deception and trickery.

And is commonly used in seriously over-hyped, 
highly manipulative marketing strategies.

That is why there is more than a few things an Alchemist Brand,
 should consider in their branding and marketing.

Every spiritual business, 
like every spiritual alchemist brand is uniquely different,
different in gifts, skills, strengths and audience.

To really stand out from the crowd,
and help your clients really trust the power and transformation
that your business provides.

 It is important that your brand showcases your business's biggest strengths,
demonstrates at an unconscious and concious level your core values.

Unlocking the power of your Brand Archetype,
 in a deeply spiritual way can help you do that

Want to learn how to create a 
powerfully unique Spiritual Business Brand?

Want to learn how to attract your audience 
in a deeply authentic magical way?

Learn how to market the soul essence of your
Alchemist Brand Archetype
in your business in a uniquelly magical and transformative way.

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