Spiritual Warrior Brand Archetype
Hero Brand Archetype

Warrior   -   Hero  -   Champion

by Eileen Burns - Soul Purpose Coach, Healer and Spiritual Marketer

The Spiritual Warrior Brand is based on the hero brand which is the most resilient and courageous brand archetype.  

 The hero brand is widely used to market products and services,
 that help save lives. 
And to market service related businesses like personal trainers,
physical therapists, who want to empower their audience, 
towards more mental and phsyical strength and resilience

It is a brand that is focused on leaving its mark on the world.

It is a brand that wants to be seen as a winner. 

The Hero Brand is very much focused on fighting for 
and empowering the underdog.

The more spiritual hero brand is based on 
the spiritual battle between the light and dark.

The brand is the spiritual hero and warrior who is helping empower 
others to face and overome the darkness.

 Both the Hero and the Rebel Brand, 
have a very strong masculine yang energy to them. 

 In many ways this archetype is the heroic figure, 
who doesn’t sugar coat difficult situations or challenges. 

The Warrior or Hero brand cannot afford to sit on the fence,
  when it comes to sharing their beliefs, values and virtues. 

You have to be direct and strong in your message,
and highly skilled and strong in your offerings. 

The hero brand is based on values of courageous truth,
 determination and tenacity. 

 Behind the strong  Spiritual Warrior or Hero Business Brand, 
is usually a true hero or champion,
who has overcome great challenges and loss in their life.

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attract more soul clients,

 in a more powerful and strong authentic way?

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