Spiritual Seeker Brand Archetype
Explorer Brand Archetype

Seeker   -   Explorer  -   Adventurist   

by Eileen Burns - Soul Purpose Coach, Healer and Spiritual Marketer

The Spiritual Seeker aka Explorer Business is the most 
explorative and adventurous of all the business brands.

 The spiritual seeker brand seeks new adventure,
 new insights and new learning. 

Just like the spiritual seeker or explorer archetype,
 who is constantly seeking new  experiences, 
places, journeys and ideas.

The reasons why many adventure holiday and outdoor companies use the explorer,
 seeker brand theme in their marketing.

Off all the spiritual brand archetypes, 
the spiritual explorer represents the early stages, 
of the spiritual seekers journey.

So you the spiritual explorer business tends to attract clients,
 in the early stages of awakening or self discovery.

Spiritual explorers and seekers appear to be seeking independence and freedom.

But on a deeper level they are seeking spiritual freedom and truth.

 The Explore energy does not like to get tied down to one place or idea.

Like the energy of the teenager, 
who is trying things and ideas on for size.   

 The shadow side of the Seeker Archetype is someone who may be seen as “flaky”, 
not fully integrated within their physical body or with spiritual truth.

So the Spiritual Explorer Business has to really work on ,
demonstrating their  full commitment to their business and audience. 

The solopreneur who  epitomises the Seeker/Explorer brand, 
tends to act as a Spiritual Guide, than the Sage, teacher or mentor.   

So, it is important for that you share a sense of spiritual exploration, 
adventure, freedom and boundless possibilities within your marketing. 

Ready to stand out from the crowd, 
 take more soul clients on a spiritual adventure,  
 in a more powerful and strong authentic way?

Learn how to market the soul essence of your
Spiritual Seeker/ Explorer Brand Archetype
in an authentically adventurous way.