Spiritual Sage Brand Archetype
Guru Brand Archetype

Sage   -    Guru  -   Mentor  -  Teacher

by Eileen Burns - Soul Purpose Coach, Healer and Spiritual Marketer

The Sage Spiritual Business is the most mature,
 based on it's extensive knowledge, 
deep wisdom and level of expertise.

The Sage Business Brand is often used to market academic schools such as universities  or well-known spiritual gurus who have spent a lifetime mastering their wisdom, insight  and knowledge.   

Of all the archetypes, this brand is all about pure truth, knowledge and learning. 

  Your audience will often be attracted to spiritual exploration and seeking spiritual truths.  

 A business with a strong Sage persona, 
will often reflect products and services that educate or encourage great knowledge, learning or self-reflection. 

  Behind the Sage business is  a person who has often dedicated a lifetime to not just seeking but really studying and researching knowledge or spiritual teachings. 

 In many ways, they are the never ending student focused on learning and gaining wisdom.  

This thirst for knowledge tends to override,
 their desire for financial wealth or material things.

     In many ways, the sage brand can be detached and objective, 
lacking  any deep emotional connection.  

So it is important that this brand’s marketing is clear, mature, 
wise, grounded and balanced.   

Ready to stand out from the crowd,  
attract more soul clients,  
in a more mature and strong wise way?

Are YOU ready to market the 
soul essence of your Sage Brand Archetype
in an authentically wise way.