Spiritual Rebel Brand Archetype
Maverick Brand Archetype

Rebel   -  Maverick   -   Outlaw 

by Eileen Burns - Soul Purpose Coach, Healer and Spiritual Marketer

The Spiritual Rebel business brand archetype is the most
 rebelious, radical and liberal of other business brands.

 The Rebel brand is used by businesses who are based
on breaking through old ideas, limited beliefs 
and rules that maybe no longer helpful.
  Of all the business archetypes, 
the Rebel and Creative Brand Archetype
 can really stand out from the crowd in a unique way. 

The difference with the rebel brand, 
to most other brands is its more masculine, 
radical and sometimes aggressive energy.

As this business brand is not just widely used by rebels and protestors 
 who oppose certain current norms or narratives,
but is also widely used by more "dangerous" radicals and activists.

For any spiritual business whose focus is directed at  breaking through limitations, cultural normals or embracing your uniqueness,
 the rebel outlaw archetype can be very powerful. 

But how far you are able to stretch the rebellious streak in your marketing, 
will totally depend upon what you are selling, 
and who you are selling it to. 

The shadow aspects of the Spiritual Rebel
 includes the rebel without a cause or clue, 
someone who is both reckless and even spiritually immature. 

The Spiritual Business therefore has to be aware of the dark and negative connotations the shadow aspects of this archetype may trigger in their audience.

Most spiritual rebel businesses are owned or managed by rebel archetypes,  who are great risk takers or perhaps early on in their spiritual journey.  

This energy and brand is not always ideal for businesses, 
products or services that require a lot of skill, 
care, safety and effectiveness in their offerings. 

Too much of the Rebel Brand can appear to be 
destructive, unqualified or unsafe.

The rebellious brands can often get away with using colours, 
themes and imagery that would make another brand look too cheap, 
poor quality or “second hand”.

 Both the Rebel and Hero Brand, have a very strong masculine yang energy to them. 

 In many ways this archetype is like the warrior and hero 
who doesn’t sugar coat difficult situations or challenges, but has a more radical view and approach

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