Spiritual Lover Archetype
Romantic Brand Archetype

Lover   -   Romantic  -   

by Eileen Burns - Soul Purpose Coach, Healer and Spiritual Marketer

The Lover/Romantic Business Brand is all about love,
 intimacy and deep connection, 
the beautiful things in life which includes all of the senses. 

The romantic brand can be perfect  for any holistic or spiritual business that provides spa or body therapies, 
-where their audience is predominantly women. 

It works really well if you are offering  premium or high-end products and services, such as a luxurious spa clinic or at a heavenly retreat. 

The Lover/Romantic business brand archetype, is also widely used by event organisers  who offer gorgeous events that cater for all of the senses.  

For example, beautiful food, music,  fragrance and atmosphere.  

The spiritual lover brand can effectively use indulgent textures, 
slightly seductive images, colours and themes, 
more so than other spiritual brands. 

But sadly,  the Romantic/Lover brand archetype has been over exploited for decades by many commercial brands, conjuring up highly sexual overtones to seduce and manipulate  its consumers.  

Therefore, the Spiritual Lover business brand has to be more conscious about using  their archetype in a more natural, classic or tasteful way.

 Anything that appears over sexualised in the spiritual sector, can come across as cheap, sleazy or inauthentic. 

 This can easily end up repelling your audience, rather than creating the deep, authentic intimacy and connection  that they are seeking. 

The SpiritualLover brand can be beautiful to work with, 
especially for those who attract a more feminine audience. 

The secret power of a romantic business is its ability to help their audience feel loved, while indulging and stimulate the senses of its audience with it's beauty and taste.

Ready to stand out from the crowd, 
  attract more soul clients in a more deeper way? 

Learn how to market the soul essence of your
Lover Brand Archetype
in a more beautiful and authentic  way.