Spiritual Queen Brand Archetype
Spiritual Leader Brand Archetype

Leader  -  Ruler  -  Royalty  -  Queen  -  King  -  Princess*

by Eileen Burns - Soul Purpose Coach, Healer and Spiritual Marketer

The Ruler or Royalty business brand 
is used by businesses
 that want to demonstrate their affluence, 
leadership, and power.

A Spiritual Ruler or Royal business brand 
is used by spiritual businesses that want to 
lead their audience toward sovereignty and success.

The lighters aspects of the Spiritual Queen brand/
 Spiritual Leader brand archetype
 is their charisma and ability to help everyone reach success.

As a royal leader your audience will usually expect 
a more high quality premium brand, product and service.

So it is important that your business brand 
and services align with your audience's expectations.

 Poor quality branding or marketing, 
or anything that looks cheap, 
childish or unprofessional, 
is a surefire way to repel this brand’s audience.

The shadow traits of the leader or ruler brand archetype,
 is a need for power, status or success at whatever cost.

So as a spiritual business, it is vital your business brand,
is not viewed in anyway as power-hungry.
It is important your business brand conveys
 moral strength and more soul-aligned spiritual success.

The ruler - leader archetype brand can be more regal, bolder,
and even darker in your branding than many other spiritual brands. 
But it does depend on your audience and your offerings.

The  leader and royalty brand archetype is a commonly used brand
 for high-end coaching programs, utilised by successful money coaches, 
and law of attraction experts.

Want to learn how to attract your audience  in a deeply authentic and powerful way?

Using the soul essence of your
Spiritual Queen and Spiritual Leader Archetype
in your business in a unique, authentic powerful way.