Spiritual Entertainer Brand Archetype
Jester Brand Archetype

Entertainer   -  Jester  -   Clown

by Eileen Burns - Soul Purpose Coach, Healer and Spiritual Marketer

The Entertainer/Jester business brand is used by many businesses who want their products and services to be seen as fun, entertaining and playful. 

Examples of companies who use this marketing brand are event organisations and those who sell fun products/toys for children.

   This brand archetype  is the most fun, playful and humorous of them all.

 Like the Innocent archetype, your business radiates a light energy,  the main difference between the two being  that  the Entertainer is  based  around playfulness, humour and activity rather than purity and simplicity.      

The audience that is attracted to the Entertainer/Jester  branding loves to see the fun side of your business shared in your marketing.

 Using funny, backend stories from your business or amusing memes related to your work can really help you to stand out.  

 Therefore it is important that your brand and marketing demonstrates  a fun, playful side, whilst still considering the needs of your ideal/soul clients. 

Holistic and spiritual businesses have to be careful about  appearing to be too gimmicky or not fully committed to the offerings that they are sharing.   

You don’t want to be seen as the trickster who doesn’t take their business seriously, focusing solely on fun and playfulness.

 Or someone who perhaps embodies  the shadow aspects of the Explorer archetype,  struggling  with focus and commitment.   

This is the one business brand that can often get  away with using  very bright, bold, fun colours.

 You can use fun or tongue in cheek marketing strategies, although this will depend  on the productsand services you offer as well as you being able to fully understand your ideal/soul clients. 

     If a solopreneur, your audience needs to see, feel and hear in your brand that fun, playful and humorous side of you.

 The Jester brand archetype is usually more vibrant and energetic than most other brands.  

 If you are an events organiser, you will want to show off the creative aspects of the Entertainer/ester brand archetype.

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