Spiritual Creator Brand Archetype
Artist Brand Archetype

Creator   -  Artist  -  Designer - Innovator -  Musician  - Writer

by Eileen Burns - Soul Purpose Coach, Healer and Spiritual Marketer

The Spiritual Creator business brand is based 
on the spiritual channeller aka creator, 
the artist, designer, innovator, musician or writer. 

This includes spiritual and psychic artists, 
conscious creatives and designers,
 who can envision and bring through new ideas and creations for New Earth. 

It is important that the Spiritual Creator brand is not just creative,
 but also inspires and uplifts. 

Even if you are a writer, musician or poet, 
creativity should be an important theme in your branding and marketing strategy. 

Businesses with a strong Artist or Creative brand archetype, 
can use bolder colours than those normally associated with the holistic and spiritual sector.

 It is important as a spiritual creative business
 to really stand out in your marketing 
and not to appear as dull, boring or predictive. 

Your marketing should demonstrate an energy of joie de vivre, 
be cheerful and joyous.

As a business and brand you should never be shy or modest about demonstrating your level of artistic or creative skill,
 individuality and uniqueness.   

Want to learn how to attract clients  
in a deeply authentic and fun way?

Learn how to use the
Spiritual Creator Archetype
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