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Spiritual Marketing Club

Marketing and Spiritual Community For Healers, 
Spiritual Coaches & Conscious Creatives

An online learning hub provided by 

healer and marketing mentor, Eileen Burns.
Some of the courses that you can access in the different membership levels.

✔  5 Pillars Of Spiritual Business Succes
✔  Business Start Up Advice
✔  Spiritual Marketing

✔  Social Media Marketing
✔  Facebook Made Easy
✔  How To Be Authentically You In Your Marketing

✔  Create An Effective Business /Marketing Plan
✔  Create An Effective Sales Funnel
✔  Maximise Your Facebook Marketing
✔  Use Canva, Pinterest, Twitter
✔  Blog Like A Professional
✔  Plan A Website That Converts

Eileen Burns,
Healer, Coach, Owner of
Spiritual Marketing Club

As a self-employed healer, coach and therapists for over 20 years I know how it feels to just know this is what you are here to do.  But still struggle to attract enough clients to pay the bills never mind make a healthy income.

Just like you, I came into this industry firstly out of passion and purpose, like many healers I made a lot of mistakes. But from the beginning I had a natural flair for certain aspects of marketing especially branding.  

Despite being a disabled woman with chronic health challenges that seriously impacted the work I could do. I built my own healing and stress management business mostly through online marketing since 2000, and have been helping other businesses, healers, coaches and therapists market and build theirs ever since.

  Just like my healing journey I invested in thousands of pounds worth of expert marketing training. I discovered more than a few powerful marketing secrets and with these I created my own spiritual marketing approach which I share in Manifest Soul Clients

Who Is This Membership For

Is for healers, lightworkers, spiritual coaches and conscious creatives
who are serious about their spirituality and their purpose.

For those of you who value and understand the importance of 
effective marketing,
 and commitment to your spiritual growth. 

In the platinum membership level you get access to a monthly

 lightworkers circle and lightworkers toolkit

Who Is This Membership Not For 

Thismembership is not for VA's, Social Media Mangers, 

Spiritual Marketing or Spiritual Business Coaches.

It is not for those just looking for quick fix short-term solutions
 in your business and spiritual growth.

This is for those of you who are solopreneurs

 who want to learn how to market your business in
a more soul-aligned spiritual way.

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