Ready To Unlock More Of Your
 Life and Soul Purpose?


Silver Spiritual Marketing Club 

The Spiritual Marketing Club is a one stop portal for for healers,  lightworkers and starseeds who want to awaken to 
more of their purpose and soul gifts.

Let's help you UNLOCK spiritual gifts.

Let's help you own your
personal sovereignty and power.

Activate more of your life
and soul mission.

So you can step up and do
what you are truly here to do.

Silver Level Membership

Silver Level Membership is our starter membership
here are a few of the modules, meditations and activations that is included

Start Unlocking More Of
Your Life and Soul Purpose Today!

The Silver Membership is for you if you want to

Unlock More Of Your Life And Purpose
Increase Your Soul Connection
✅Develop Your Intuition
✅Release Old Trauma
 ✅Activate More Of Your Soul's Mission
✅Stand More In Your Personal Sovereignty

Let's unlock more of  YOUR spiritual gifts.

Get full access to a library of courses, tools and meditations

From a wide range of our coaching and mentoring programs worth over £300

Course Curriculum

Eileen Burns 

Soul Purpose & Spiritual Business Mentor and Healer 

Eileen is a highly experienced spiritual coach and marketing mentor,
who loves to help  empaths, healers and intuitives
unlock and share their soul gifts and super powers.    

Eileen has been using online and digital marketing in her business
 for over 20 years and is accomplished in helping/mentoring
others to do the same in an effective and creative way. 


  • Silver Modules
  • Lightworkers Library
  • Bonus Freebies
  • Over £300 worth of spiritual and soul purpose content