Identify Your Souls Gifts Course - For Healers, Coaches, Therapists

Identify Your Souls Gifts

Identify your souls unique gifts, your greatest gifts, skills and traits that you are here to share with your soul clients

Course Summary

Are You A Healer Or Coach Struggling To Identify Your Greatest Gifts?

A Healer Or Coach Struggling To See What Makes You Unique?

Struggling To Identify Your Life Or Soul Purpose Is?

Struggling To KNOW Who Your Soul Tribe Is, Your Soul Clients Are?

As a self-employed coach, healer and teacher in the holistic and spiritual sector.

 I know how important it is to know your greatest gifts and strengths. 
To own and recognise what makes you unique.
To recognise the core traits that are part of your purpose,
 so you can clearly focus on the gifts you are here to share.

It is TOO EASY to get lost, 
overwhelmed or even confused
 with what we really are here to do. 

But YOU don't have to......

The Identify Your Souls Gifts mp3 and workbook 
is designed to help you, support you to see your life and soul gifts more clearly.

As a healer of over 28 years who has worked with hundreds of healers, therapists and coaches. 
I know you rarely notice or see what makes you unique. 
I know how many of your most natural gifts you take for granted
I know you can't see the natural traits that many of your ideal clients are attracted to.
But as an online holistic and spiritual business, and spiritual marketing mentor I know, 
how important it is to be visible in the noise of online marketing and social media.
How valuable it can be to know what will attract your ideal clients and soul clients.

Your Ideal Clients And Soul Clients Are Waiting For You, 
Looking For You
So it is important that you know you
that you know your gifts
so you can 
"Shine Your Magic In Your Marketing"

In this mini course
I help you identify your most natural innate gifts
I help you identify the biggest challenges and themes in your life
 that resonate with your soul clients
I help you see more clearly the most important innate gifts you are here to share

What if you could see more clearly

The GIFTS that your ideal clients love about you,
the things your ideal clients and soul clients NEED from you.

The things your soul clients are waiting to BUY from you

This mini course an approx 44 min guided meditation and workbook

helps you begin that journey of self exploration into your
Soul's Greatest Gifts

The unique gifts that make you so unique in your coaching, healing, therapy or teaching.

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Course Curriculum

Eileen Burns

Latest Tesimonial

"I was blown away by how powerful it was. It was hard to go back and remember the different ages and I was resisit, hence why it's taken me until today, but once I left go so many good memories flowed that I had not remembered before today.
The level this allowed me to go in writing about my journey and attributes was deeper than any previous "ideal client" workbooks.
Phenomenal service you provide Eileen Burns ‘

Louise Toher
Gratitude Forest

I found the ‘Identify Your Soul’s Gifts’ meditation and workbook very powerful. The guided meditation was so relaxing, and it helped me look at my life from a new (and less painful) perspective. It made me realise that I have been neglecting one of my major gifts and I need to think about how I can bring this back into my life. It also made me see my major life challenges differently, in a way that strengthens me and gives me purpose, as I can use my experience to help others in a genuine and soulful way.

Jennifer Harle
Real Life Reiki

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