Own Your Greatest Gifts - Guided Meditation

Identify Your Greatest Gifts - Guided Meditation

Start identifying and own your greatest gifts with our Own Your Greatest Gifts guided meditation from the Identify Your Soul's Course

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Identify Your Greatest Gifts Meditation

Are You A Healer, Coach Or Therapist Struggling To Recognise Your Uniqueness?
Struggling To Recognise Your Greatest Gifts?
Feel Your Not Living Your Life And Soul Purpose?

Now more than ever YOU are needed

But to stand out and to do what you are here to do.

You need to truly own your uniqueness.
You need to know your greatest gifts, strengths even weaknesses
 The important aspects of your soul's essence that are part of your life and soul purpose.

This guided meditation is designed to help and support you.
It was created to help you let go of more of what your not,
and to identify more of what you are. 

This is a powerful deep guided meditation that help's you unlock
more of your gifts. Especially those that are hidden, 
you don't recognise or have tried to deny.

This guided meditation is part of our Identify Your Soul's Gift Course
 it can be used on it's own but is more powerful when used together with workbook

Identify and own your greatest gifts you are here to share in the world today as part of your life and soul purpose. This is the powerful guided meditation from Eileen's most popular Identify Your Soul's Gifts Course

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Eileen Burns

Louise Toher


I was blown away how powerful it was....

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