Let's GROW Your Beautiful Spiritual Business

with a Super Power Spiritual Business Session

Are you struggling to attract those  soul clients, 
you know you are here to help?

Struggling to stand out, 
be seen and heard?
on the online world?

Unsure what steps you need to take next to grow 

and market your business in a more healthy,
soulful and spiritual way?

In this 60 minute one to one session
I will help you  identify and solve core issues
 in your business and marketing.  

So you can start attracting more of your soul tribe,
the soul clients you were born to serve.

I will help you focus on one of the most important changes
 you  need to make in your business or marketing
to start growing your spiritual business.

Super Power Business Session

Helping You Attract More Soul Clients 

As an online holistic and spiritual marketer for over 20 years 
and a big consumer of holistic and spiritual products for  a decade longer.

 I see every day the BIG mistakes most healers,
coaches and therapists  are making in their marketing and business.

I want to help you STOP making these marketing mistakes.

 I want to help you STOP losing clients every day.

I want to help you STOP feeling stuck, overwhelmed and confused.

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Please note this is a limited offer eileen does not usually offer 1 off one to one sessions only packages this session rrp over £150

offer ends soon...

must be redeemed by end of  Dec 2021

Eileen Burns

Healer, Coach & Spiritual Marketing Mentor

Eileen Burns a healer for 30 years has been studying online marketing for over 20 years. An established coach, healer, therapist of Stress Coach Training. Eileen teaches students, fellow healers, coaches and therapists how to market their business more spiritually and authentically. She runs the Spiritual Marketing Club Membership an exclusive marketing  and spiritual growth community for healers and spiritual teachers who have dedicated many years being the best healers, therapists and coaches they can be. Eileen is reputed for her integrity and dedication to the holistic and wellbeing sector despite living witha  wide range of rare and chronic health challenges since childhood.

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I have been blown away by all that signing up has given me. I signed up to the monthly online learning package. The content is so clear, inspiring and thought provoking that i listen to it multiple times to get the most out of it for myself and my business......Eileen has a knack of knowing what you need and when you need along the process. .......I have also had the benefit of having a one to one session with Eileen. I have to say it was as deep and profound as i had hope. The personalized support, content and homework you get is outstanding. It was definitely worth the investment and something i will invest again...Her mediation alone is work signing up for. Not just is her voice beautiful to listen to but she takes you places no other mediation does. Her work it authentic and passion filled.

Louise Toher

Eileen is so knowledgeable about marketing and how to tailor marketing strategies in the spiritual and holistic sphere. In just one coaching call she has understood my business, my current challenges, and has given me common sense advice and practical action steps to take away. I have total confidence that if I take these steps, my business will grow. ..

Jen Harle

Real Life Reiki

Eileen is so knowledgable and inspiring. She has helped me enormously in my search for my perfect niche, my soul clients.. The course “ identify and attract your soul client “ really is brilliant. If you are struggling with your marketing and want to get clearer on who you should be marketing to, eileens course really will help you.

David Rabone
Soul Healer