The Ultimate Plan Your Website
Workbook For Healers, Coaches

The Simple Easy Way To Plan,
Design Your Website

This workbook and guide is a step by step easy process on how to plan, create and design a website that will help
you attract and convert your ideal audience into
 ideal clients and soul clients.

"Every question, you need to plan, design and create
your spiritual website"

The contents of this worbook download include

This e-workbook contains 18 workbook templates with questions to help you analyse, create and
plan a healthy spiritual website plan based on your unique needs

Business Mission, Ethics & Value

Personality, Style

Your Ideal Clients, Soul Clients

Brand and Logo

Website Design, Contents

About Me Page

Add On's, Plugins

Blog, Vlog

Products, Services

Search Engine Optimisation

Freebies, Lead Magnets

Website Contact Details, Links

Plan Your Website Workbook For Healers, Coaches, Creatives

This workbook and guide takes you through a step by step process to ensure you have the right strategy for a successful website which gets results

An all in one spiritual business plan, spiritual marketing plan e-workbook to help build, grow and plan a healthy and successful spiritual business

Course Curriculum

Eileen Burns 

Soul Purpose Coach, Stress Management Expert and Healer 

Eileen is a highly dedicated and experienced healer,
coach, teacher and spiritual business mentor.
She has been studying in the holistic and spiritual field
 for over 30 years.
A highly experienced spiritual coach,
mentor and teacher who loves helping
empaths, healers and intutives  
unlock and shine  their soul gifts and super powers

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