Quick Easy Way To Create Branded Social Media Graphics

Fast track tips on how to create Facebook, Instagram Posts, Pinterest Pins and Social Media Posts using Free Version Of Canva

Course Summary

Learn how to quickly and easily create branded social media graphics,
pins and videos like a professional social media marketer,
using the free version of Canva every week or month.

Includes Bonus Videos


Course Curriculum

Eileen Burns 

Healer, Soul Purpose Coach, Spiritual Business & Marketing Mentor 

Eileen is a highly dedicated and experienced healer,
coach, therapist teacher and spiritual business mentor.

She has been studying in the holistic
and spiritual field for over 30 years.

And has student and client of with some of the most powerful
and inspiring healers and spiritual teachers around the world/

She LOVES helping healers, lightworkers and starseeds awaken
to more of their gifts and build a more soul-aligned business
 around their life and soul purpose.

Using more spiritual and archetypal strategies
in business and marketing.0

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