Archetypal Branding For Healers, Coaches And Therapists

Archetypal Branding For Healers, Coaches And Therapists

How to attract your ideal clients and soul clients through Archetypal Branding And Marketing

Course Summary

Archetypal Branding For Coaches, Healers, Therapists

Struggling to stand out from the crowd?

Struggling to make a deep connect with your Ideal Clients?

Haven't a clue how to create a powerful brand?

Perhaps your not sure what images or content to post on social media?

Maybe your energy drops everytime you think of marketing?

Don't worry this archetypal branding course
 has been uniquely designed for YOU

One you know your archetype you can

STOP struggling to stand out

START creating a deeply powerful brand that 

connects and attracts Soul Clients

KNOW what images and even stories
 you should be using in your branding and marketing

Learn How to Create An Archetypal Brand That Attracts Soul Clients

The most powerfully effective branding and marketing strategy

the BIGGEST companies in the world
 use to convert SALES

Learn why archetypal branding accompanied by spiritual marketing helps attract
your ideal clients and soul clients more effectively.

Learn why effective archetypal branding and marketing
 helps you stand out from the crowd.

As we know everything is about energy, we and our clients are attracted
not just to the conscious but unconscious.

But how do you share more of your unique energy,
your more conscious and unconscious traits in marketing

Well in this course I will be sharing all this and more...

I will be showing you powerful examples of the use of colours fonts,
imagery and brand storytelling to help you sell

The price of this course will never reflect the value of this content

But I WANT to help you attract the clients you were born to work with

I WANT to help make your marketing NOT just effective but creative even fun!

Investment Today £77
rrp £150
+ Get Free Branding Course worth £47 FREE


Course Curriculum

Eileen Burns

Eileen Burns

Owner- Spiritual Marketing Club

One of the most powerful things a healer, coach or therapist can do is identify their strongest archetypes and the major archetype of their business alongside their souls gifts. When you then identify your unique light and shadow elements of those archetypes, you can not only build a stronger business but a powerful marketing campaign.

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