Healers, Learn The Steps To Create Your Own Soul-Aligned
Spiritual Brand for 2023

Using your zone of genius and dominant brand archetypes as a spiritual solopreneur.

Learn How To Create A 
Soul-Aligned Spiritual Brand For 2023

What if you there was a way you could stand out from the crowd?

Share your light and soul gifts in a much simpler yet aligned way?

Without selling your soul, on over hyped and ikky marketing strategies?

Or wasting countless hours on guessing what to post.

Well YOU CAN with
Spiritual Brand Archetypal Marketing

Learn 5 Steps To A Soul-Aligned Spiritual Brand
What this 3 - hour webinar includes

STEP 1: Your Brand Genius

The importance of  understanding your brand genius, your unique spiritual business's selling points


STEP 2: Soul Client Attraction  

Understanding your soul audience and soul clients so you can create a soul-client aligned brand.


STEP 5: Client Conversion  

Creating a sales funnel pathway to increase client and customers conversion

STEP 3: Making an IMPACT

Understanding the basic fundamentals of a brand that makes an impact and that can stands out from the crowd.


STEP 4: Building Soul Client Trust

The important elements to building audience and soul client connection and trust with your brand archetype


Acces to my new Spiritual Brand Archetype Quiz
to Unlock Your Top Spiritual Brand Archetype

Learn 5 Steps To Start Creating A Soul-Aligned Brand
Join me sat 7th Jan Dec 11 am - 1pm UK Tim

Eileen Burns 

Soul Purpose Coach, Stress Management Expert and Healer 

Eileen is a highly dedicated and experienced healer,
coach, teacher and spiritual business mentor.
She has been studying in the holistic and spiritual field
 for over 30 years.

I LOVE helping healers and spiritual entrepreneurs build
 a business around their life and soul purpose