Lightworkers Toolkit
Love - Light - Soul

 Spiritual and Energetic Tools For 
Empaths, Healers and Intuitives.

Empaths and Healers Are You Ready To Energetically Awaken and Spiritually Grow?

Are You Ready To Unlock And Develop

 Your Intuitive and Soul's Gifts?

Are You Ready To Build  Stronger Mental Emotional 

and Physical Resilience?

And Nurture Deeper Spiritual Self-Care?

The Lightworkers Toolkit Is For You
Life's Lightworkers,  Empaths, Healers and Intuitive's 
who want to feel more awakened, empowered, 
more spiritually connected protected and spiritually supported.

"The world needs YOU at this time"

Each level of this membership offers a library of
 lightworkers tools, healings and meditations
which include

Energy Awareness and Energy Protection tools
Earth And Grounding Tools
Intuitive Development Exercises
Positive Affirmations
Healing Meditations
Crystal Code Activations* 
(Gold & Platinum Level)

Created to help inspire, empower and nurture YOU
 the healer, the empath, lightworker and lightwarrior within.

Course Summary

Lightwokers Toolkit is a library of healers and empaths tools, 
meditations and activations

Monthly Access to over 25 videos, meditations
over £1000 worth of content

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Lightworkers Toolkit for Healers, Empaths

Monthly access to a library of spiritual tools, grounding, healng and protecting tools for the empath, healers, intuitives

Eileen Burns 

Healer, Soul Purpose Coach, Stress Management Expert 

Eileen is a highly dedicated and experienced healer,
coach, teacher and spiritual business mentor.
She has been studying in the holistic and spiritual field
 for over 30 years.
A highly experienced spiritual coach,
mentor and teacher who loves helping
empaths, healers and intutives  
unlock and shine  their soul gifts and super powers

Course Curriculum

Course Pricing

  • Gold Lightworkers Support & Tooklit - Yearly
  • £444

    per year

    Yearly subscription to the monthly soul purpose healing sessions, toolkit & lightworkers circle + community, save £84 pounds

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    Gold Lightworkers Support & Toolkit - Monthly
  • £44

    per month

    Monthly access to soul purpose healing, lightworkers toolkit & lightworkers circle

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