Develop Your Intuitive Gifts

Learn how to develop your intuitive and psychic gifts with over 4 hours of video and auto content

Course Summary

Develop Your Intuitive And Psychic Gifts For Healers, Coaches

Do you Struggle To Make Clear Confident Decisions In Your Business And Life?

Maybe you constantly doubt yourself and your inner guidance?

Do You Struggle To Feel Guided and Spiritually Connected?

Maybe you find life or business a constant struggle?

Does everything feel so hard?

What if you could learn how to make more
 more clear intuitively guided
 decisions in your life every single day?

Would if you could identify your strongest and psychic gift/s?

 Learn how develop and expand your intuition and psychic gifts?

Alongside  a much stronger, deeper connection with god and spirit?

The most powerful gifts we can have in our life and business

 is a strong spiritual and self-connection.

A stronger direct line to our intuition, higher self and god (divine connection)

The stronger that connection is the more wiser and healthier decisions

 we make in our business and life every day.

 Develop Your Intuitive And Psychic Gifts Course

Is for the empath, healer, coach or therapist who wants to make more spiritually connected decisions.

Who wants to free themself from decisions made by the fearful ego,  old conditioning or trauma?

Learn how to develop your intuitive and psychic gifts if your a healer, coach, therapist or empath.

 Learn how to identify your strongest clairability or clair gift.

Find out if you are Clairvoyant, Clairaudient, Clairesentient, Claircognizant

Access to over 15 tools and techniques to help develop your

 intuitive and psychic gifts in a healthy and strong way.

Access to approx 4 hours worth of video and audio content

by Highly Sensitive Empath, Intuitive and Healer of 30 Years

Eileen Burns


Course Curriculum

Eileen Burns

Eileen Burns

Healer, Coach, Intuitive

Every healer, coach and empath should learn how to harness their intuitive and psychic gifts in a healthy and balanced way

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