Attract Soul Clients
With The Right 
Automated Lead Magnet

Automated Lead Magnet Masterclass 1 & 2
for Spiritual Business Owners

  2 X 2 Hour Recorded Masterclasses

STOP  turning yourself into a pretzel to get clients.

STOP wasting endless hours on social media,
trying to get a sale.

STOP spending too many hours trying to 
manually convert your audience into clients

START nurturing 
better know like and trust.
START turning your
audience into interested leads.

SAVING time, energy and money
while  growing a healthy email list

So you a much higher opportunity to
convert more of your audience into sales


Learn how to create an automated lead magnet for your spiritual business, that helps you work smarter not harder.

So you can spend more time on the REALLY important things in your life and business.

 Attract Soul Clients 
With An Automated Lead Magnet
Masterclass 1 &  2
with Bonus Access to my signature Soul Client Lead Magnet Blueprint 
You will learn 

❤  5 Elements Of A Soul Client Lead Magnet
❤  How To Choose The Right Lead Magnet
❤  How To Create Your Lead Magnet
❤  How To Brand Your Lead Magnet
❤  How To Create A Lead Magnet Sales Funnel
❤  How To Plan Out  A Nurturing Email Sequence
❤  How To Set Up An Automated Email Sequence
❤  How To Convert Your Audience Into Sales

Course Summary

Learn how to choose and create the right automated lead magnet and sales funnel email sequence to attract soul clients to your spiritual business
Based on approx 2 x 2 hour live recorded sessions

Course Curriculum

Eileen Burns 

Soul Purpose Coach, Spiritual Marketing Mentor

Eileen helps healers, spiritual coaches, teachers
and conscious creatives create and grow
a soul-aligned spiritual business through strategic
spiritual business and spiritual marketing approaches.

A highly compassionate and experienced healer
coach, teacher, spiritual business mentor
and blogger of over 20 years.
She has been studying in the holistic and
spiritual field since the early 90's..

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