Stepping In Your Spiritual Queen Archetype Step Into Your Sovereignty - Queen Archetype Healing Session

Unlocking The Spiritual Queen Within

Step Into Your Spiritual Sovereignty

Unlocking more of the Spiritual Leader and Queen within You

In this session we will be

tapping into the energetic blueprint of the spiritual queen and spiritual leader archetype.

helping you step more into your sovereign power in your life and businesss from a place of grace, wisdom and strength.

helping you face and heal at least one major shadow trait that is keeing you small, stuck or is sabotaging your success.

Wednesday, 31 May 2023
07:00 PM BST

Live Webinar Session has ended now.

Tap Into Your Personal Power,
Strength and Light

In this session you will learn how to access more of your spiritual and sovereign power, strength and sovereignty by exploring different energetic blueprints of the Spiritual Queen and Leader Archetypes.

Exploring The Spiritual Queen Archetypes

Exploring different spiritual queen archetypes in the collective

Owning The Spiritual Queen Archetype Within You

Owning the spiritual queen traits and strengths within you, your innate gifts and life experience.

Healing The Shadow Inner Child And Queen Traits

Healing the shadow traits of the queen and other archetypal and inner child wounding that are keeping you small.

Eileen Burns 

Soul Purpose Coach, Stress Management Expert and Healer 

Eileen is a highly dedicated and experienced healer,
coach, teacher and spiritual business mentor.
She has been studying in the holistic and spiritual field
 for over 30 years.
A highly experienced spiritual coach,
mentor and teacher who loves helping
empaths, healers and intutives  
unlock and shine  their soul gifts and super powers