Manifest Soul Clients Membership

Healers, coaches learn how to attract and manifest ideal clients and soul clients with our Manifest Soul Clients Membership and Community

Course Summary

Start Attracting Soul Clients

Manifest Soul Clients is Now Open

For Healers Who Want To Attract
Ideal Clients and Soul Clients In A More Authentic Way

You would LOVE to help more clients?

Especially in a deep and powerful way ?

But maybe you really struggle to attract a constant flow of clients?

And perhaps you get overwhelmed, frustrated

 with social media and online marketing?

Imagine if you could attract more clients with more ease,
 Connect with your audience in a more creative and authentic way.

Attract not just ideal clients but SOUL CLIENTS
the clients that LOVE what you do.

Learn how to create your very own 
marketing blueprint tailored to you.

And never ever be short of ideas for social media posts
 that your ideal clients and soul clients will LOVE


You can start attracting Ideal Clients And Soul Clients
Start living more of your life purpose and soul purpose
Do more of what you are  REALLY here to do

Stop wasting hundreds of hours,
Stop spending thousands of pounds
on marketing that is exhausting and frustrating

Stop using marketing strategies that aren't working for YOU.

Learn How To Attract Soul Clients

Access to monthly marketing courses, group coaching
 and group healing sessions each month
worth over £150

Eileen Burns

Owner of Spiritual Marketing Club & Stress Coach Training

Eileen a highly experienced and qualified coach, healer and marketing mentor began her own healing journey in the early 90's. She built her own business using online marketing and branding strategies for over 20 years.

She started using more spiritual and archetypal marketing strategies in her business approx 7 years ago.

Our Team

Eileen Burns

David rabone

Denise McKeever

Course Curriculum

for next 6 months...

+ Plus Bonuses

Monthly Group Coaching - Mentoring Sessions

 Monthly Group Healing Sessions with David Rabone

Weekly Marketing Activities - Spiritual Marketing Club Group

Opportunities To Earn Extra Income As An Affiliate


Course Pricing

  • Manifest Soul Clients Monthly Membership Plan
  • £47

    per month

    Manifest Soul Clients Monthly Membership Plan

    Monthly Membership
  • Monthly Manifest Soul Clients Modules
  • Monthly Manifest Soul Clients Group Coaching - Mentoring Session
  • Monthly Group Healing Session with David Rabone
  • Monthly Content and Coaching Worth Approx £150
  • Manifest Soul Clients Monthly Coaching Package
  • £150

    per month

    Manifest Soul Clients Monthly Membership & 1-2-1 Session with Eileen. Free Trial only includes course content not monthly coaching

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  • Monthly Manifest Soul Clients Modules
  • Monthly 1-2-1 Coaching Session with Eileen
  • Monthy Group Mentoring - Coaching Session with Eileen
  • Monthly Group Healing Session - David Rabone
  • Monthly Content and Coaching Worth Approx £300